Mt Buller Snow Guarantee

The Snow Guarantee is provided by Buller Ski Lifts and participating Mt Buller accommodation providers to give confidence to guests when booking a snow holiday.  It’s a money-back guarantee on all prepaid accommodation, lift ticket, rental, lesson packages, toboggans park entries, and applies if there is insufficient snow cover.

  • For lift ticket, rental, and lesson packages the “Snow Guarantee” applies if the lift/s named in the below table are not operating for skiing/snowboarding in the two (2) days* before guests’ arrival.
  • For toboggan parks the “Snow Guarantee” applies if both toboggan parks (Village Toboggan Park, Celia’s Toboggan Park) are not operating for tobogganing in the two (2) days* before guests’ arrival.


How does it work?

If the Snow Guarantee lifts (see the table below) aren’t operating for skiing/snowboarding in the two (2) days before you arrive, you can contact us to change your booking to a later date or cancel your booking and get your money back.  Please note: You can’t take advantage of the Snow Guarantee on the day you arrive nor during your stay, only between 9am two days prior to your arrival through to 5pm on the day before you arrive.  E.g. if your scheduled day of arrival is Sunday, you must call between 9am Friday and 5pm Saturday to apply the guarantee to your booking.

Note: bookings cannot be cancelled prior to opening weekend

The Snow Guarantee applies as follows:

*from 9am two (2) days prior to arrival until 5pm day prior arrival

1 Starting 11th September 2023

2 Starting 24th June 2023

10th September 2023


Note: The Snow Guarantee only applies if the lifts aren’t operating due to insufficient snow cover. It does not apply where the lifts aren’t operating due to following:

  • Lift closure due to weather conditions other than insufficient snow, e.g. wind or ice;
  • Lift closure due to mechanical breakdowns or equipment failure.

The Snow Guarantee also doesn’t apply to the following:

  • Retail tickets purchased at on-mountain sales offices;
  • Booking fees or commissions payable to booking agents.

Look for the Snow Guarantee logo on accommodation listings and book your Mt Buller snow holiday with confidence.